30 January 2013

Review: nail constellation by MUA

Hello Lovelies!!

do like to be honest with my reviews so if I think a product isn't very good I will tell you how it is. Last weekend I was super exited about getting the new nail constellation by MUA, it is small multicolour beads to put on your nail, they cost £3 a bottle.
They have quite a bright vivid colour.
When I got home I immediately used them, to use they are really easy, you just pour them onto wet nails, press them in and let the dry. The instructions didn't say to use a top coat but I used one anyway, the first thing is that when I brushed the top coat on the colour came straight off so it looked like I just had silver balls on my nail, which is why I only put it one one nail.
Sorry its a bit blurry, But you can see that the colour has gone paler .

 The next day the one without a top coat had lost all its colour during the night (I was not impressed at all) and throughout the day the beads were falling off and when I got home at 5 o'clock this is what was left:
In the morning, some of the colour has faded and a small bead loss.

In the evening.
But being very determined not to give up, I did them again and this time I put a thicker coat of colour, and instead of brushing the top coat on i blobbed it on (i cant think of any other way of describing it!). It took a while to dry but it did work, the colour stayed more vivid and they haven't come off, the only beads that came off are the ones that i missed with the top coat blobbing (hehe does anyone else think blobbing and blob are funny words?)

This was taken just after the top coat dried.
this was taken at 5 in the evening the next day

I do apologise for the blurry pictures as the camera was refusing to focus properly.

To weather i would recommend these or not depends on the simple fact of time and patience, if you have these (and a fast drying top coat!!) then you should try them out and let me know how you got on with them!

Teresa xx


  1. These type of nails are really in this year! I like the idea! I might try them :) www.cherrytruth2.blogspot.co.uk

    1. You definetly should, just be carful with the top coat :)


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