31 January 2013

Review: Fur effect nails by MUA

Hello lovelies!!
It's nice to finally do a completely positive review!! Sorry for two nail reviews together ( I know a lot of people don't like nail stuff). 
This review is about the new fur effect nails by MUA, I have seen loads of nail art using fur but couldn't find any at all!! So I was very happy when I found this, it costs £3 a tub, the tubs are only small but you don't need a lot to cover your nails.
 I got the Boo-Boo fluff colour which is a really bright blue, it's a fine fluff ( a bit messy when you apply it!!) it's really easy to apply all you do is tap the bottom of the tub so some falls into the lid ( it has a sieve so you have to give it a good tap) the paint your nails with a matching colour and dip, let it set for a moment the brush off the execs!! It's as simple as that.
You can take the sieve out but i found it quite hard to do so and just left it in.
Obviously you don't need a top coat as this would defeat the object of using the fluff.
I was a bit unsure how it would be when I washed my hands and if it would come off during the night, but it just gets slightly damp and dries really quickly, and it stays on very well and made it through the night.

I am very pleased with this product and will definitely be buying the other colours, i recommend it to everyone.
On my other nails I just used a deep almost shimmery looking blue by rimmel.

Have you tried this before? what do you think of it?

Teresa x


  1. these look really good.
    and i love the base colour too!

    im your newest follower
    find me at..
    BreezeyBee Blog

  2. I seen these the other day and didnt think that they would turn out any good. But they actually look really nice on your nails!
    Think i need to try this out now!

    Pipp xx

  3. Ive never seen these!! I will get one when I go shopping tomorrow! :D :D www.cherrytruth2.blogspot.co.uk

    1. MUA only sticks at superdrug (I think I forgot to mention that in the post!)

  4. I was really not sure about these when other bloggers have tried it but you make them look nice! defitely going to try them out next time i'm at a MUA stand

    Abigail xx



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