25 January 2013

Goals/Positive attitude

Hello lovelies!!
Here is a list of goals I have set myself for the new year.
I think we all should start being more positive and enjoying life a lot more as sometimes we can all be a bit to serious.So set yourself some goals, it doesn't have to be many, and when you have done them give yourself a good pat on the back and say "well done me" we can all achieve our dreams it just takes a positive attitude and small baby steps but one day we will get there, and it will be so worth it!

  1. Have more fun!!
  2. Jump a horse for the first time
  3. Loose enough weight to fit into my favourite jeans (any tips?)
  4. Get 30 followers (aiming a bit high)
  5. Have a giveaway if I get 30 followers!
  6. get healthy
  7. Get a job (trust me, i have tried loads of places but know one wants me)
  8. Say yes more often!
  9. Tidy my room and keep it tidy (my room is always a mess and when it gets tidy it only stays tidy for about a day)
  10. Treat myself more often (i very rarely treat myself)

Keep me up to date with your progress and what goals you have set your self.
(maybe I'm being slightly crazy here but who cares)

Teresa x


  1. Dont be silly! your blog is great! You'll get 20 followers before you know it!! just comment on peoples blogs and interact with them and leave your blog url and they will be sure to check you out! btw dont ask for followers that is a pain in the ass :P www.cherrytruth2.blogspot.co.uk

  2. A tip for your jeans, buy jeans that fit. You cannot spot lose weight, regardless of all the women's magazines that say you can. Generally for women weight goes on in this order. Hips, bum, boobs and face, and you lose it face, boobs, bum and hips.The major issue is that you put weight on slowly over a long time, and you don't notice the changes. You look in a mirror every day and get used to the gradually fuller face and plumper boobs, which are a social enhancement in our culture. When one diets one tends to do it quickly, so you notice the cheek bones and believe yourself to be a little gaunt, your bra ceases to fit, fit and as I sad earlier plump boobs are desirable. This is the point many people despair and comfort eat, compounding the hip and bum problems. In some instances it leads to body dysmorphic disorder, depression and loss of self esteem. On a hygiene issue skinny jeans reduce airflow and causes thrush and other fungal infections, and the death of sperm in males. So you will have to live an austere life of low calorie, healthy food, not go out for a burger or a pizza, not drink alcohol. (Alcohol has about seven calories per gram, however, unlike sugars which can be used immediately, alcohol has to be converted to fat, and stored until your body needs it, and that will not be until you have been working aerobically for twenty minutes). And girls/women do this so some young man with over-ripe testicles finds them attractive and treat them like a piece of meat, a mere chattel. Display your attributes of individuality, intelligence, style and quality. Do not settle for someone who thinks you are good enough to be seen with him, go for the one that will be proud that you allow him to be with you, and gives you the mutual respect deserving of your standards. Someone that wants you for your indefinable something that makes you, you. That something that will grow and improve with time, as will his. We all get old and unattractive physically, but our personalities can improve for ever.


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