21 January 2013

My favourites - clothes

Since I have nothing else to do today I thought I would show you a few of my favourite clothes. I don't remember how much they were but the ones I do remember I will write it on here for you.

First are chino type trousers that I love so much I'm glad I have two pairs!! I got these from Republic and they cost me £30 each, which is quite a lot but I did have gift vouches and they have lasted me over a year so far.
I folded the legs up so you could see they fold at the bottom
Next is these jeans I brought them because they are so bright and different. Again I got these from Republic, they were in the sale for just £5!! Reduced from £35. Baaaargiiin!!!!!!
This picture does not do them justice at all, they are so much more green and brighter.

Next one I had for a birthday present last month from my aunt. Back in September I went to Burghley horse trials with my aunt and reeeeealy wanted this but didn't have £50 to part with. I didn't realise at the time that she had sneaked into the shop to buy it me for my birthday, I'm glad she did because I love it loads!!! It's from joules and cost £50.

Next is my favourite dress ever (excluding my prom dress!) it's so cute because all over it are little white squirrels eating acorns, it's also a colour that really goes with my skin tone and the length is not to short either. It was £15 in the sale from H! (Henry Holland) Within Debenhams.
A close up of the design.
Next is a gilet, I love this gilet loads and was trilled when I got it for Christmas.  I love that it has an oversized zip and its so snug and warm, its a shame that its not reversible because the inside is pink a navy stripes. this is also from joules and is about £45 (I think
i have a real love for chunky knitwear at the moment so no surprising this ended up making its way in here. i dont remember how much ot was, but i know its from republic (again). its chunky, warm, and looks great on with just a black top, my orangey colour jeans and either my moustache necklace or my bow necklace, you can find out about them here.

what are your favorite clothes? i would love to hear about them.

Teresa xx

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