05 January 2013

Lush Haul

Helloo I'm back, this time with my lush haul.
I never really used to be into lush because I never liked having baths, to me they were just a hassle, but after going in lush for their lip scrub ( will have more detail in a moment) I ended up buying just 1 bath bomb to trial.

This bomb was space girl being one of the cheapest their and smelling great it is now my favourite.
It's soooo relaxing and amazingly scented (a little bit like Parma violets) it also has popping candy in which is so cute when your sitting in the bath listening to little popping noises and it turns the water a pale lilac. For days after you smell great and even the bathroom smelt like it for a few days after. It does have some glitter on the top which I wasn't fond of but giving it a good tap gets rid of the majority.
On my next visit I got a bubble bar (pictured above). I didn't have high hopes as the one I got was reusable and was worried it would all just dissolve quickly under the running water, but however when I used it I got lots of bubbles, but not a strong smell as is not very strong anyway, and hardly used any of it I would say I could get about 6 baths out of it, obviously depending on how much us used in each bath depends on how many you get out of it. It left a subtle shimmer over my body and left my skin feeling soft and moisturised.(one side of the moustache is smaller because it has been used)
Now onto the lip scrub. I have always had really dry lips so when I heard about this I was very exited, it smells like mint chocolate and tastes like it to, to use this your get some on your finger and rub all over you lips then just lick it off (don't worry it is edible) and apply lip balm just how you would apply moisturiser after exfoliating.
it is quite pricey at £5.25 for just 25g but I have had mine for a month now using it every other day  without hardly making a dent in the pot and mu lips look and feel amazing.

Next up is think pink bath bomb I brought this because it smells amazing and the little flowers look really cute, it turns the water a nice shade of pink and the only downside would be that it has hearts which spear to be paper that get released when its fizzing away.
The next one I came across was Ceridwen's Cauldron, again i have not yet used this but it smells incredible and the ingredients are good for lifting your mood so i am waiting for a day when im not feeling so good so i can have my moods lifted by this little beauty.
When you use this, you put it in your bath still inside the cloth as it has oats in and the cloth prevents them from getting in your bath. I'm pretty sure no one wants a bath full of oats (imagine the places they would get stuck!!)

Thanks for taking the time to read this

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