25 January 2013

Hair Tutorial: Mermaid/wavy

Hello lovelies!
Wavy hair is one of my all time favourite hair styles, its really easy to do and for me it lasts for 3 days, which is what I love most.
All the info about the products i use are written down below but here is a link to a video tutorial i filmed (please excuse the double chin and strange voice!! i have no idea what was going on)
click to watch the video

to achieve this look you need some wavers (I'm not sure if this is what they are called). The ones I have are BaByliss 2337u wave envy styler, i got them from amazon and at the time they cost me £37 but they have been reduced, you can also get cheeper ones.
i use only 2 products to keep the look lasting as long as it does
Trevor Sorbie Beautiful curls
I spray this all over my hair before i start and it really does help to keep it lasting long, the first time i waved my hair i didnt use this and the had all dropped the next day.
You can get this from boots for £5.10 and the bottle lasts for ages.
TRESemme 24 hr body finishing spray
once i have waved my hair i give it a good spray with this hairspray and it helps just to keep it going even longer.
You can get this from boots for £5.39

The back.

The side.

Because I'm growing out an asymmetric bob i clip my shorter side up as it  sticks out almost vertical (eek!)
if you tried this or have done it before what did you think?

Teresa  x


  1. Looks fab! I love wavy hair :)
    Frankie xx

  2. Love your hair, it looks really pretty!

    I'm following you :)




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